The Tri-Cities can claim to the #2 and #3 spots on the list and you'll be surprised on which TC communities making the list which includes Finley.

You'd think that Kennewick or Pasco would make the list of most affordable places to live in Washington but that honor belongs to West Richland at #2 and Finley at #3.

Finley? Yes, Finley looks to be a steal of a place to live right here in Washington State.

Ephrata made the #1 spot.

The study measures how much homeowners pay in property taxes, insurance, and mortgages, relative to income. Communities are then ranked on an Affordability Index which shows the places that rated as most affordable.

The top 10 list of Washington towns is below:

1       Ephrata, WA
2       West Richland, WA
3       Finley, WA
4       Union Gap, WA
5       Hoquiam, WA
6       Quincy, WA
7       West Side Highway, WA
8       Town and Country, WA
9       Duvall, WA
10      Prairie Ridge, WA

You can check out more details on the survey here and check out your own town.


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