Breaking News: the Washington State Supreme court has ruled unanimously that local flower shop owner (Arlene's Flowers) Barronelle Stutzman


broke Washington's anti-discrimination laws by refusing to provide flowers to a gay couple for their legal wedding.

The Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the couple who were refused service because Stutzman does not believe in gay marriage due to her religion sued her, saying she broke state anti-discrimination and consumer protection laws, and the lower court agreed.

Stutzman took her case to the Washington State Supreme Court who just today ruled she indeed broke anti-discrimination laws.

The Governor of the State of Washington weighed in with this statement:

"Today, the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality for all Washingtonians. By ruling that intolerance based on sexual orientation is unlawful, the Court affirmed that Washington state will remain a place where no one can be discriminated against because of who they love.

"I am proud that our state was one of the first to vote to recognize same sex marriage and that we continue to uphold the rights of all our residents."

According to a news report from KEPR:

Baronelle Stutzman says she will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse a decision Thursday by the state’s high court.

Watch this video produced by the Alliance Defending Freedom for her side of the story...

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