Is cheating mainstream these days...WOW... read on!

It's a good thing Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent philandering came to light after he left office because it would have severely hindered his chances at getting re-elected governor of California.

A new survey of 12,500 singles from around the world by the online dating site Zoosk has shed light on opinions about cheating.

Here are some of the more interesting results:

* 53 percent of Americans say finding out a politician cheated on his or her significant other would have an impact on their vote. The U.S. was the only country surveyed where the majority of people say their vote would be influenced by a politician's adulterous ways. The French led the way with 80 percent saying they don't give a hoot if their lawmakers can't keep their pants zipped around folks who aren't their partners.

* 80 percent of Americans say they wouldn't have a one-night stand with a celebrity if the opportunity arose. With 34 percent saying they'd go for it, singles in Italy are the most likely to cheat with a celebrity if they could. The good people of Italy sure don't seem to adhere to any strict rules of love because they led the poll with 20 percent saying they'd prefer an open relationship to a traditional monogamous one.

* Singles in the US, UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany and Denmark all say Tiger Woods is the "worst offender" when it comes to people who've strayed from their partner.

* 72 percent of those surveyed say they could not forgive their partner for cheating on them, while 28 percent said they could. Germans are the most likely to look past the crime of passion, with 35 percent saying they could forgive infidelity. About 69 percent of Americans say they can't forgive, while 31 percent say they can. And if you thought the Danish were only known for their butter cookies and producing Hans Christian Andersen, here's a new trait to associate with them: They were the most unforgiving country, courtesy of the 23 percent who said they could overlook past their partner cheating.

* 55 percent of those in the US think a cheater can change and has the potential to enjoy a monogamous relationship after having a fling. The French, at 57 percent, and the Danish, at 56 percent, agree even stronger with that sentiment.

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