Typically when a suspect runs up into the attic, it's not long before the police are able to apprehend them. There's itchy insulation, nowhere to run, and the police have superhuman levels of patience.

However, a few boys from the Pasco Police Department found that sometimes it's not so easy. Detectives and patrol officers paid a visit to the Rodeway Inn on Oregon Street on early Wednesday morning looking for a suspect with a warrant. When he was nowhere to be found, officers immediately went and checked the attic. What they found surprised them. There was a sheetrock firewall dividing the attic space, and a hole had been cut into it. The hole was big enough for an adult man to crawl through. The suspect was able to get through that hole, reach an access panel in the next room, and drop down and duck the heat.

So, the search continues. But the boys in blue had a nice laugh at their own expense.

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