Pasco Police are looking for the 25-year old Richland man in the photo, wanted in connection to a robbery investigation.

According to the Pasco Police Facebook page, it was a "shoplift gone bad."

The suspect, Jacob N. Corbin, known as "Jake" allegedly took a drink and snack from 7-11 on Sylvester & 14th, early Saturday morning.  When Jake was confronted by a store employee outside the store, he punched the clerk in the face.  The employee sought medical treatment at the ER for injuries.

Jake then ran off.  He was last seen wearing a black trench coat.  This guy is bad news and wanted for several other warrants.

If you know where Jacob "Jake" Corbin is, word has it, he's in Pasco, please call Police at 509-628-0333.

ROBBERY INVESTIGATION, LOOKING FOR SUSPECT: At about 3:40 AM early Saturday morning, officers investigated a robbery at...

Posted by Pasco Police on Monday, November 2, 2020

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