If you think it's hot now, wait till Tuesday.

That's when a heat advisory goes into effect for the Lower Columbia Basin of Washington and Oregon.

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What time does the heat advisory begin and end?

The heat advisory goes into effect at 12 pm (noon) and will last through 9 pm.

How hot will it get?

Triple-digit heat is expected. Anywhere between 101 and 106 degrees is forecast with lows between 68 and 73 degrees predicted for Tuesday night.

Precautions are advised to stay safe in excessive heat:

Stay hydrated, and drink a lot of water. Stay in air-conditioning. Stay out of the sun. Remember, children and pets should NEVER be left unattended in vehicles, EVER. Plan your strenuous activities, and walk your pets in the morning and evening. Wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing.

Know the signs of exhaustion.

The first signs of heat exhaustion are nausea, headache, feeling dizzy, weakness, irritability, thirst, heavy sweating, and an elevated temperature.

Heatstroke symptoms include:

Headache, high temperature, a change in mental behavior, sweating, vomiting, flushed skin, rapid breathing, and a racing heart rate.

If you suspect that someone has heatstroke or sunstroke, call 911 immediately.

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There are a few ways that you can beat the heat. The kids would love a trip to any of the area splash pads. The excessive heat gives you an excuse to do some shopping at the mall or a department store. You can always visit one of the area pools or purchase a kiddie pool. You can get more information about the heat advisory, here.

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