black friday

Top 10 Black Friday Funny (Even Shocking) Stories
How about the lady who got amped 'down' on painkillers, then went Black Friday shopping? She'd had her wisdom teeth pulled just prior, then went out. She ended up with clothes that didn't fit.
Or the shopper who was so frustrated and angry arguing over who got the last of a deeply…
Best Deals For Black Friday Here
It's exactly one week until Black Friday which many shoppers consider the holy grail of shopping days... Here's a quick list to find some of the best  deals! Actually these deals begin Thursday so roll your full belly out the door to save some $$
Big Stores Leak Black Friday 2014 Ads — Too Early? [POLL]
At least five major retailers have already leaked their main Black Friday print ads trying to create buzz. Black Friday has been oozing into Thursday, ruining some families' Thanksgiving. I think advertising right after Halloween is too early, it's getting out of hand. Stacy Lee says I&apo…
Black Friday Deals What They Are And Where They’re At
Does anyone have the Christmas Shopping bug yet? Black Friday is literally just hours away with many retailers opening Thanksgiving night. I'll be broadcasting live from Harry Ritchies Jewelers on black Friday morning from 5 am - 7 am at Columbia Center mall. Harry Ritchies is offering enhanced…

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