Snow Tuesday!?
When the sun starts shinning, I start thinking about fun places to camp this summer! For me, I only like camping if I can take my horse and hit some cool adventurous trails! But, here is a link of those of you that might want to camp without horses: http://www...
New Highline & Hammocks![VIDEO]
In spite of a completely horrific windy day "from you know where", Tony & I set out on Sunday with the horses and practiced with our new high line and hammocks that we bought at REI for about $60.  for camping!
Our Weekend Adventure!
Not often do we have a weekend off to get away and relax! So my boyfriend Tony and I eagerly anticipated a wonderful adventure to relish some fresh air,peace, quiet and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of our busy life!  We were envisioning  a beautiful display of open range land, gloriou…
Exploring The Trails For Riding!
We drove out of town this weekend for a nephews birthday and on the way home decided to do a little exploring!  We like to go camping with our horses and find good trails to ride  on and good places to camp with our horses. So, we headed to the mountains for a little exploration...

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