11 Email Fails You Don’t Want to Experience
The internet can be a pretty tricky world to navigate, and e-mail is no exception. Cyber messaging makes most of our lives way easier, but just like any other modern day convenience, a whole load of fails are born from e-mailing. Luckily for us, many of the hilarious ones turn up online.
What’s The Most Inappropiate Thing to Put in a Work Email?
According to a new survey, the most inappropriate thing you can write in a work email is . . . "xoxo" or "Hugs and kisses."  Here's the rest of the top five:  Calling people honey or dear . . . using acronyms like OMG . . . using smiley faces or other emoticons ...
Scarlett Johansson’s Alleged Email Hacker Arrested, Faces 121 Years in Jail
Floridian Christopher Chaney, 35, was arrested in Jacksonville on Wednesday, accused of hacking into the email accounts of dozens of celebrities. While stars such as Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus were all allegedly victimized, Chaney’s most notorious hack is believed to have led to nude photos of actress Scarlett Johansson being leaked onto the inter