Latest Walla Walla County Road Closures, Flooding [VIDEO]
The Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office has released a revised list of roads that have opened now as floodwaters recede, and those which remain closed.  Pictured is their video of an Oregon National Guard Blackhawk which was used all over the region to help retrieve stranded citizens...
Will Flooding in Yakima Affect Us?
Heavy rainfall along the east slopes of the Cascades coupled with higher temperatures has caused the Yakima River to overflow its banks in the Yakima area. Of course, the Yakima River flows through our area, and those along the river in Prosser, Benton City and West Richland are no strangers to the …
Rodent Causes Major Canal Breach in Kennewick
My favorite Tri-City Herald headline of the summer has got to be "Rodent Likely Cause of KID Canal Breach" -- but what kind of rodent? They don't say. Make your guess here. Just for fun, I'm saying a someone's lost pet guinea pig!