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Perfect Wines To Pair With Halloween Candy
Halloween is coming and let's face it you know you're going to sample the kids candy. With that said why not try the 'Kids' candy with some of your favorite wine! The Columbia Basin after all is Washington's wine country after all...Here's a chart to help you pair candy…
What Did You Use as a Candy Sack on Halloween?
I was a pillowcase kid. I would hit certain neighborhoods in Spokane and come home with my sack full! What do your kids use? Or what did you use? I see so many of the orange plastic pumpkins, but those fill up fast!
What Candy Did You Most Hope for on Halloween? [SURVEY]
The candy I most hoped for as a kid was Hershey Mounds (you know, chocolate and coconut)! What was yours? Answer the survey and we'll publish the results. HOPEFULLY that will inform your buying decisions this month as you stock up for the big night!