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Kennewick Police Arrest Man Riding a "Bobcat"...
2020 certainly is a year of unexpected events.
One Kennewick neighborhood experienced some weird excitement on their street early Saturday morning.
Just before 3 am Police responded to numerous calls of reckless traffic.
What officers encountered was a bit unusual...
Man Arrested for Assault, Robbery, and Drugs
A man is behind bars facing several charges after an alleged assault at Winco in Kennewick.
Thursday evening, police were called to the store. where they found an "uncooperative" shoplifter.
32-year-old Jordan Valentine was approached by a loss prevention employee inquiring if he had…
Man Arrested With Drugs and Guns
A man was arrested Tuesday night after police found weapons and drugs were in his possession.
25-year old Matthew Wood was pulled over by Kennewick Police after they observed him speeding in the area of 10th and Union.
After a search, Police discovered two rifles in the back seat of the vehicle Wood w…
Kid Takes Shoppers Purse!
Ladies!  Watch your purses!  Do NOT leave them unattended!  One can never be too careful.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this on the Kennewick Police Department's Facebook page today.  Looks like this adult has kids doing the dirty work...

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