Terror Behind the Screen Coming Soon!
It seems that the creepy characters at the fair were quite popular, but get ready Tri-Cities "Terror Behind The Screen" is coming soon. This town has never seen anything like it! I can hardy wait! What is your favorite scary character? Leave a comment below...
Fun at the Fair!
It's been so fun to see you all at this years Benton Franklin Fair!
Don't forget, it's "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" tonight at the Rodeo!
The Rodeo starts at 7pm.
And Big & Rich will be performing on the Main stage at 7:30! I'll be out there tonight! Ho...
High Gas Prices =Less Summer Fun?!
For the first time, I've begun to let the price of gas keep me from doing things I would normally do!
Trips to see my son in Seattle!, hauling my horse out for riding, or camping! And even those drives I used to take on a beautiful  summer eve...
Road Construction Continues on Court Street, Pasco!
Everyday I leave just just in time to get to work by the time I need to.
And everyday, I'm just a few minutes late because I forget that the road construction at Court Street and (about Rd 60).
The road crew workers are stopping and/or slowing cars,  to let heavy equipment by...
Drive Hammered, Get Nailed
— August is a deadly month on Washington’s roadways. From 2006 - 2010, on average, more impaired driving deaths occurred in August than any other month.* That’s why between August 17 and September 3 extra officers will be looking for DUI drivers during the annua…
Another Record Hot Day in the Basin
It's going to be another record hot day in the Columbia Basin, make you you stay properly hydrated. Also make sure your pets have plenty of water and somewhere shady to cool off. Check out this compilation of people fainting. Stay Cool!

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