Most Kids See Pornography by 11 — It’s Never Too Early to Talk to Them About It
Tri-Cities resident Kristen Jenson wrote a book "Good Pictures, Bad Pictures" about how to talk to your kids about pornography. Kids surfing online with smart phones and tablets are seeing their first pornographic images by accident earlier and earlier. Jenson offers tips about how to prepare your kids for these accidents and how to talk to them about the confusing feelings they experien
School Cancels Dances Until the Twerking Stops! Is It Fair? [POLL]
This story is so hilarious! Stacy Lee is taking the side of the students. So long as they aren't groping and making out, what's the problem? My heart goes out to anyone who chaperones a school dance! Awkward policing the awkward, and then the twerking starts! Listen to our full conversation for a ton of laughs:
Naps Just Got Weird Thanks to Ostrich Pillow
Sometimes we just want to conk out in the middle of the day. You know what we’re talking about -- that 5-Hour Energy jerk made a fortune talking about it. You so desperately want to take a cat nap, but your so-called "job" doesn't provide you with a bed OR a pillow. Good news -- Ostrich Pillow's got ya covered.
Kids Say The Funniest Things
Nothing can put you in a good mood more than kids and the funny things they say.  Share your stories and learn a fun way to preserve these memories!

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