Richland Stabbing Sends Woman to Hospital, Man Arrested
Richland police are calling it, for now, a 'domestic incident.'
Around 5am Tuesday morning police responded to the Haney's Inn, near Stevens Drive and Highway 240 on the west side of town, for a report of a stabbing.
Upon arrival police found a female victim who had received a non-threa…
Richland Police Investigate Morning Shooting, Now in Standoff
Richland police say the investigation has begun into an shooting incident early Friday morning.
Police were called to the 1000 block of Sanford Street for a report of shots being fired at a house and car.
The street is closed between Swift and Partridge, no word on how long officers will be there...
Don't Fall for Scam, Trying to Use Richland Police Foundation
With the holidays here, we're battling porch pirates, shoplifters, and the ongoing increasing number of holiday scams.
The latest involves people trying to use the Richland Police Foundation to solicit money from unsuspecting folks.
A number of them have contacted the Richland Police Department a…

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