The Incredible Edible Egg
Did you know that the way you prefer your eggs reveals your personality. The British Egg Industry Council did a survey of 1000 people. Here's what they found:
New Study on Vanity
Even though I have every right to be, I'm not vain.  I pride myself in my humility, a trait that very few DJ's posses.
Stacy Lee is an excellent example of a vain DJ. I'm pretty sure the only time she doesn't look in the mirror is when she's backing into a parking place.…
Can Using Smaller Plates Help You Lose Weight?
New research suggests most people could easily lose up to two pounds a month simply by eating off smaller plates and focusing more on their food during mealtimes.
In one study, people ate 45 percent more popcorn when they were given a larger size of the snack food, and diners given a “bottomles…