Study Says We're Against Pot With Driving--So Why Are DUI's Up?
Although alcohol related fatalities have dropped in our state, due in part to more enforcement and the Target Zero program the number of pot related accidents, fatalities and infractions has grown significantly.  Impaired driving is down overall, but pot is pushing it's way towards being l…
The Incredible Edible Egg
Did you know that the way you prefer your eggs reveals your personality. The British Egg Industry Council did a survey of 1000 people. Here's what they found:
New Study on Vanity
Even though I have every right to be, I'm not vain.  I pride myself in my humility, a trait that very few DJ's posses.
Stacy Lee is an excellent example of a vain DJ. I'm pretty sure the only time she doesn't look in the mirror is when she's backing into a parking place.…
Can Using Smaller Plates Help You Lose Weight?
New research suggests most people could easily lose up to two pounds a month simply by eating off smaller plates and focusing more on their food during mealtimes.
In one study, people ate 45 percent more popcorn when they were given a larger size of the snack food, and diners given a “bottomles…