You Can Now Communicate With Most Prisoners Online!
Remember pen pals? Remember when a stamp could send your feelings across the world, how meaningful and rewarding writing an actual letter was? With today's technology and high-speed EVERYTHING, written letters are more and more of a dying trend -- even behind prison walls...
Help Me Connect With Charlize Theron on Twitter! [PHOTOS]
I have a new goal. I want Charlize Theron to say hi to me. I think the most likely way that's going to happen is on Twitter. So even though I've never been very interested in Twitter, I'm now on it following Charlize. Will you help me? Follow her, too, and ask her to say, "Hi…
#RoofBreakUp T-Shirts Are Too Good to Be True!
A New Yorker named Kyle Ayers was enjoying the view on his roof when a couple came up "for privacy" and proceeded to have a big fight. Annoyed, he decided the Tweet the whole affair. His Tweets are now making people laugh across the country and I found a company selling the best li…
‘Hashtag’ Is 2012’s Word of the Year
Hashtags may have originated on Twitter, but the popular internet shorthand has since spread to Facebook and even everyday speech. And now, "hashtag" has been declared the 2012 word of the year by the American Dialect Society. #waytogohashtag

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