What to do in a pandemic can be pretty frustrating.  Face it, some of us have some, or,  a lot of extra time on our hands.

There's only so much tv a person can watch.  The garden and yard are perfectly manicured, or are they?  Do you have a garden?  Is it something you'd like to tackle?  This may YOUR time to read up and try your green thumb.

My husband, Jeff, has currently planted grass seed on a portion of our back yard, which was formerly a brick decorative layout.  The bricks have been taken up, the soil was put down, and grass seed was planted.  It looks great.  I think, maybe, next year, we'll attempt a garden.

I've been watching a number of friends on social media attempt other projects, as well. One photographer acquaintance has learned to crochet.  I watch her create beautiful pieces for friends as gifts.  The recipients proudly model the fashions on social media.  I wonder, "Could I do this?"  I'll NEVER know if I don't apply myself.  What will I crochet?  A scarf?  maybe, a vest?  I'll put this on the back burner for now.


Fishing is more my speed.  When I was recently in the upper Midwest, my brother hosted me for a weekend of fishing on Leech Lake, in Walker, Minnesota.  I caught a few and felt accomplished.  It was exciting! We have a river here.  Maybe I'll try fishing.


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