“This is how you take on the world,” Taylor Swift says as she leads into her latest ‘Ours’ behind-the-scenes webisode. “This is what it looks like.”

In plotting the treatment for her new video, Swift had a very particular look in mind — one she says she didn’t want anyone to be envious of. “I call this corporate not chic. These are the shoes that I come into the office with,” the pop/country hitmaker says, pointing to her rough sneakers. “And I change shoes at my desk because I don’t want to be uncomfortable. Nothing says, ‘I don’t care about my job’ like wearing these!”

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter made it clear to the director she absolutely didn’t want ‘Ours’ to look like a cute music video, as far as fashion goes. She wanted her character to appear as if she truly works that horrific office job all day everyday, hence her sloppy pulled-back ponytail and no-makeup look, which is a far cry from her other more made-up music videos. She adds, “I didn’t want it to be anything fashionable or anything you would aspire to.”

Surprisingly, Taylor’s stylists found it even harder to make her look toned down than glowing and fully decked out. “We were laughing earlier because even though she’s a little frumpier looking in the business look, still, in the monitor she looks stunningly gorgeous,” Joseph Cassell remarked. Taylor’s hair stylist added, “We were trying to make her look a little more … Off … But it’s really hard!”

Director Declan Whitebloom went as far as to describe Taylor’s on-screen look as “frumpy and not attractive,” and while we don’t believe that could ever be said of the ‘Ours’ songstress, she’s certainly not in her usual attire in this video.

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