My god, if this isn't one of the biggest weekends in entertainment. Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters the same day Obi-Wan Kenobi premieres on Disney+. But for fans of Letterkenny, that very same day sees the premiere of Shoresy, a Letterkenny spinoff series that focuses on a character (played by creator Jared Keeso) who rarely showed his face in the original show. Fans will have to withhold their judgment until the series premieres on May 27th, but then it's "pitter-patter, let's get atter."

If you've never seen Letterkenny, you have to watch at least one episode. One is honestly too lean to get an understanding of what the show is trying to do but at least you'll know if your sense of humor is compatible with it. The show started out as a YouTube web series before its popularity led to it getting picked up by Crave. The show focuses on the titular Letterkenny, a small, Canadian farm town filled with the oddest locals.


Terry Ryan was a star for the Tri-City Americans in the 1990s before being drafted 8th overall by the Montreal Canadiens in the 1995 NHL Draft. His professional career never took off as he only appeared in eight NHL games, but Ryan has been forthright about not living up to his draft status. He's published a hilarious book about his experience with the Americans and getting drafted. In recent years, he's become an actor. He first joined Letterkenny as a bit character before being cast as Ted in Shoresy. He's worked on various television shows, including Frontier, whose star, Jason Mamoa, "endorsed" Terry during his bid for Mount Pearl city council.

Even if you're not a fan of Letterkenny, which most Tri-City Americans fans are, Shoresy is worth a watch in support of good ole Terry Ryan. Watch the trailer below. Shoresy debuts on Hulu on May 27th.

Tri-City Americans Who Played in the NHL

Hockey is one of the hardest sports to play. Most hockey players will play the sport their entire lives, starting to skate as soon as they can walk. Even with all that dedication, the likelihood a player cracks an NHL roster is astronomically low. The WHL is a high-tier developmental league that sees many of its players make it to the show. But for a player who makes it to the WHL or any other junior league, the chances of them reaching the NHL is still only 5%. These former Tri-City Americans are those elite few who have made the jump.

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