What Are The Roads Going To Be Like In Washington State During Thanksgiving?

My wife and I generally hit the road for Thanksgiving and through the years we've traveled some pretty gnarly roads during the winter season in the Pacific Northwest.


What's The Weather Forecast For The Pacific Northwest For 2023 Thanksgiving Travel?

It's always good to know before you go what to expect on our Washington State highways especially if you are traveling during the holidays.

My family has ventured to Baker City and Salem Oregon on occasion and we've encountered some rough roads at times.

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Luckily, we always check the roads before we head out but last year going to Oregon, we barely missed a closed road as we came out near Vancouver Washington.

The Gorge was closed and we took the Washington side and as we exited, the DOT closed the road - talk about lucky!


So this year I'm relying on the Old Farmer's Almanac and its predictions of what the roads will be like for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho during this year's Thanksgiving travel season.

Northwest Hit By More Snow, Closing Highways
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According to farmersalmanac.com, here's what you can expect travel-wise during the Thanksgiving holiday travel season:

  • 4th - 7th
    Chilly initially, then turning mild, wet.
  • 8th - 11th
    Unseasonably cold.
  • 12th - 15th
    Very windy along the coast.
  • 16th - 19th
    Fair and cold.
  • 20th - 23rd
    Pacific storm brings copious rain, wet snow for Thanksgiving holiday.
  • 24th - 27th
    Fair, then stormy weather sweeps from west to east across the region.
  • 28th - 30th
    Clearing skies.

The higher elevations no doubt will bring snow and we'll also see some rain at the lower elevations so always good to know before you hit the highways.

You can read more on the predicted Thanksgiving weather and travel forecast here.

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