Iiiinnnn... West Philadelphia, born and raised... You know the rest of the words, and and you know the show! On this day (September 10, 1990), The Fresh Prince of Bel Air debuted, and soon the world was not the same. The freshly famous, (pun intended) Will Smith was on the small screen as a version of himself as a kid from the streets of West Philly sent to live with his rich auntie and uncle in Bel Air to keep him out of trouble. At the time few believed the show would be a hit, but the nay-sayers were all proven wrong when the show became a sensation!

The show inspired us to rock overalls, do 'the Carlton', and introduced hip hop in to households all over America. While the show was a comedy, it hit on a lot of serious issues about the black community, class and cultural issues, parental and family drama (see one of my fave clips below I cry every time), and more. The show became a phenomenon and is still popular almost 30 years later. Was it the best show of the 90s? Maybe. At least top 5 in my book. But the 90s were definitely some great days of television. Which show do you think was the best? Take the poll below!

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