My Husband and I just returned from a 4 day ski trip at White Pass. It was wonderful for the most part however, I had several near misses with other skiers and particularly snow boarders.I'll admit I'm not the greatest skier I am one of those really cautious types. For example I never wear headphones because I want to be able to hear when someone is behind me. I always wear a helmet and I absolutely stay in control.

This past weekend I was nearly taken out by 2 boarders and 3 small children who were going way to fast and finally an out of control skier clipped the back of my skies and I fell. All three of these incidents happened within 3 minutes on the beginner hill.  My husband was most pissed at the Boarders....

Come on people have respect for your fellow winter sportsmen and women. I ski for fun not to be injured. Okay I'm off my soap box!!

While I don't agree that the Dad in this video should hit anyone, I know how he feels MAD!


I love Bret Marney's comment:

"I'm a snowboarder, have been for 15 years, I would JUMP to defend this guy......if he was in the right. The downhill person has the right of way. PERIOD. No ifs ands or buts about it. He should have been going slower, especially with that many children around. Yes the parent could have paid more attention and the little girl cut him off, but its not a skier or boarder's responsibility to be looking over their shoulder all the time for someone about to smash into them. You watch downhill, the direction you are going, you don't run into the people below you, and the people above you don't run into you. If everyone follows the alpine code then we all stay safe to ride another day. "


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