The Furthest Inland Ocean Port In The USA Is in Washington State

One of those amazing facts about Washington State that might surprise you is that the state is host to the furthest inland seaport linked to the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, The Furthest Inland Ocean Port In The USA Is in Eastern Washington

Located 465 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the Port of Lewiston is the most inland Port on the west coast making it very distinct in its historical importance to the PNW region.

As a kid growing up in the Lewis/Clark Valley, I was quite aware of the Port of Clarkston and the Port of Lewiston but I didn't realize their importance to the nation and the world.

10% of the world's wheat goes through the Port of Lewiston yearly.

credit: port of lewiston
credit: port of lewiston
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Clarkston is a town of 7,000 along with Lewiston at 34,000, so moving the wheat down the Snake River to the Pacific Ocean is a big responsibility for two towns of relatively small size.

The Port of Lewiston doesn't just move wheat, it also moves heavy machinery and other vital equipment.

credit: port of lewiston
credit: port of lewiston

According to the Port of Lewiston's website, on March 16, 1931, Idaho Senate Bill 116 passed and authorized ports in Idaho. No additional action was taken until 1958 when 80% of Nez Perce County voters in the November election favored the creation of the Port of Lewiston – Idaho’s only seaport.

What makes the Port of Lewiston unique is that it doesn't sit on the ocean, it actually sits 700 feet above sea level hence the reason we have locks and dams to move the cargo downstream from Lewiston to the Pacific Ocean.

As a kid growing up, I didn't understand the save the dams or save the salmon when I grew up in Lewiston and Clarkston, but now as an adult, I understand and can see both sides of the issue.

It's still amazing that the inland most seaport on the West Coast is right in our backyard and full of history.

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