Finding the perfect handbag for any woman is a never ending quest!

We women must have some innate need to be prepared for anything! From a natural disaster to a friend in need of a hair clip.

We tend to collect the essentials in our purse for any possible issue that may arise!

Then most of us...get fed up one day and swear we are DONE feeling like a bag lady, and we toss the bonus bag and opt for a smart, cute easy to carry clutch with hardly enough room for lip gloss, keys, and a debit card!

A short time later the purse is STUFFED to capacity and ripping at the seams!

Now, if you are a woman reading this...admit you secretly admire those women that carelessly go about their day with only 3 items in their bag? I have!  And I do!

So recently again, I tossed the small clutch and went back to a bigger bag! BUT, this time,  I am keeping it relatively empty and it's been about a week now! I feel so FREE!  So liberated!! Not unlike how I felt when I got rid of the 60 or so pairs of shoes that were in my closet!

We'll see how long it lasts!

Does this issue come from being a MOM? What do you think? Share your thoughts!

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