Pasco police are searching for the Marlboro Red Bandits. This past Monday evening they walked into the Conoco convenience store at Lewis and Elm.

The Bandit who was holding an AR-style semi-automatic rifle is described as a skinny white dude. The second bandit was not holding a gun so his hands could be free to collect the money and the smokes. He is described as a chubby Hispanic dude. Both were wearing dark clothing, you know, like bandits often do.

I guess if you're going to be in a convenience store robbing the place, you might as well grab some smokes while you're at it. Hence, the Marlboro Red Bandits. Don't these guys know those things will kill you? Yes, I smoked for many years so I'm not really throwing stones, but vaping is a lot cheaper. Vaping is cheaper but not free, and stolen Marlboro cigarettes are free. Okay, so there's that. Hey, maybe these guys have been in prison before and look at Marlboro Reds as money...they'll need a lot of them when they're back on the inside.


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