Some women's biggest fear is that they will someday "turn into" their mother.  And, Some women can only hope to turn into theirs!

 However,  you feel about it...A new survey has tried to pinpoint exactly WHEN that's going to happen!

In the survey by Hallmark, the average woman says she turned into her mother at age 32.

The most common sign that you've become your mother is that you find yourself WORRYING MORE.  The other common signs are stocking up on groceries, going to bed early, being more outspoken, and watching soap operas.

Two out of five women say they've also found themselves talking to their children with phrases that their mother used with them. And,  25% of women say they've accepted that they've turned into their mother.  15% say they're actually HAPPY about it. 17% are miserable about it and say they will keep on fighting it until the day they die.

Oh..andone more finding from the study:  One-third of MEN also say that THEY'VE turned into their mothers.

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