Well this would definitely be... a choice.

Variety reports that the “top choice” to play the villain Cheetah in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 2 is Kristen Wiig. Yes, that Kristen Wiig, who we all know and love from Saturday Night LiveGhostbusters, and Bridesmaids, but don’t necessarily know so much from, like superhero action films. It’s worth noting that according to the Variety article, it’s not clear whether Wiig is officially signed on for the movie yet:

Insiders indicate that Wiig was always high on Jenkins’ list for the part and had let Wiig know about her interest before Jenkins left to location scout for the project. While it is currently unknown if Wiig is completely on board for the role, a recent meeting between Wiig and top execs began to move things in the right direction.

Wonder Woman was a really solid superhero picture, but it was a bit lacking in the bad guy department. The villain, Ares, was mostly just an off-camera legend for the vast majority of the film, and when he finally showed up he was a disappointing and kind of generic special effect. If nothing else, having someone like Wiig front and center as the bad guy would really give a human side to that half of the movie. And, of course, a potentially very funny one as well.

Personally, I hope she plays Cheetah exactly how she played Gilly on SNL. And then Wonder Woman is like “Cheetaaaaah?” And she’s like “What?” and then Wonder Woman’s like “Cheeeeetah!” And she’s like “What?” And then there’s a post-credits scene with Cyborg and that’s it. Man, I have really good ideas. Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters on November 1, 2019.

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