These Vehicles In Washington State Are Exempt From Registration

Driving a vehicle on the roads of Washington State requires that it be registered with the Washington Department of Licensing but there are 3 different types of vehicles that don't need to be registered in the state of Washington

As a kid, I loved riding my big wheel and once got grounded for going onto the highway with it. Luckily, I didn't get hurt but there are a few other types of vehicles that don't need to be legally registered in the state of Washington. Can you name them?

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Let's take a look at what types of vehicles you can drive without having to go through the registration process:

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Tractors and Farm Equipment

Tractors and other farm equipment are exempted from registration in Washington State as long as they are being used exclusively for agricultural purposes. However, if you plan on using these vehicles for any other purpose such as taking them out onto public roads or hauling materials offsite then you must register them before doing so.


Golf Carts

Golf carts are considered street legal in some areas of Washington State but do not require registration if operated within their designated restrictions. Golf carts may only operate during daylight hours and must travel no faster than 20mph in order to remain exempt from the registration process.

Additionally, golf carts may only be driven by those who have valid driver’s licenses and must stay within a certain distance from the golf course itself depending upon local laws.

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School Buses

Any bus or vehicle owned and operated by a private school or schools meeting the requirements of RCW 28A.195.010 and used by that school or schools primarily to transport children to and from school or to transport children in connection with school activities. A registration issued by the department for these buses or vehicles is exempt from the motor vehicle excise tax provided in chapter 82.44 RCW;

Although driving unregistered vehicles is not illegal in most cases, it is important that you understand exactly what types of vehicles do not require registration before operating them on public roads or lands in Washington State.

For the record, that Big Wheel was still the best ride ever!

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