A driver and his semi-truck full of cheese wrecked and flipped along SR-14 near Bingen Washington and the cause of the accident according to reports are bees!

We've all seen that infamous Tommy Boy movie scene where Chris Farley and David Spade went racing out of their car acting like they'd been stung by bees after being pulled over by the police.

A real-life similar situation occurred but with some real bees and a driver losing control of their big rig. Trooper Finn of the Washington State Patrol was on the scene and snapped a photo of the accident:

credit: WSP
credit: WSP

After Trooper Will Finn posted the accident on the WSPPIO account, Twitter posters are having a field day in the comments below.


Again, luckily the driver was ok. Bee stings can be pretty deadly and yes, it's that time of year so be careful on your road trips. I know I'd be freaking out of I was stuck in a car full of bees.

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