I spotted this photo on my Facebook feed this morning and it really got my interest peaked...What new restaurant is going to replace the Old Famous Daves BBQ located near Columbia Center mall...

So the guy in the photo is Joel Kruse, the general manager of Western Restaurant Supply and he knows what is coming to the space and he's not talking...believe me I tried to get the 4 11 and all I could get out of him was it will NOT be a chain restaurant.

Lots of people were commenting on his post hoping it would be Cracker Barrel, Dave & Busters or Cheesecake Factory but that is not to be...Dang

So if you know Joel maybe you can get him to talk good luck this guy defiantly knows how to keep a secret. Meanwhile I'll keep digging and I'll let you know as soon as I find out. In the meantime keep the rumors coming for my entertainment...LOL

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