I was enjoying an already stressful Thursday when I realized I needed to go on a grocery run if I had any plans of feeding my children that night. So I went ahead and drove over to my friendly neighborhood Walmart in Meridian. I was not thrilled to see how busy it was just by the looks of the parking lot, but what did I expect at five o'clock in the evening.

Inside was as chaotic as I had envisioned when I first parked. Seemed as though no one had ever maneuvered a shopping trolley before. I hate to say it, but I was getting so frustrated and even cursing people under my breath out of earshot for being "so stupid." Finally I made my way into a checkout line where I witnessed the sweetest exchange .

A woman was standing in the line next to mine unloading her groceries onto the belt, at her side was her special needs daughter who appeared to have severe deficits. In her hustle to get everything on the belt, she bumped into a gentleman who was passing by. She turned immediately to apologize, almost too profusely, I thought. He assured her it was fine and noticed her daughter.

He shared that he also has a special needs daughter with similar deficits and inquired a little further about her daughter's condition. She revealed that she actually adopted her baby girl from the biological mother who didn't want her because of her special needs. And expressed so much gratitude that this gave her the opportunity to have a daughter to love, at which point she hugged her daughter tightly.

They wrapped up conversation and she apologized yet again for bumping into him. He reassured her again it was no issue and wished her and her daughter the best. It was such a lovely exchange, I forgot that I had been stressed out and annoyed all day. Maybe it's simple, but sometimes simple is all we need to remind ourselves we are all just doing our best to love and be loved in this life and everything else is no big deal.

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