What I'm about to write is from the heart, and I am truly struggling with and trying to figure out.Like you, I spent the entire weekend trying to wrap my head around the shooting and the loss of life in Connecticut. I am confused on how I'm supposed to feel about the shooter's mother.

Yes she was an innocent person shot dead on the same day as the beautiful children and adults at the school, but she is not remembered like them. She is not paid tribute to. Is it because she is not deserving? Is it because she helped in this?

She is never mentioned when it comes to the naming of the people that the shooter murdered. Is it because she owned the guns, or because she was related to the killer.

How do I feel about the shooter's mom? In my heart, I feel that I am absolutely suppose to pay my respects to her name and mention her in the same list, but I feel I am being influenced and confused by the media to not.  This is what I am struggling with.