If you're addicted to apps for your phone, iPad, and Facebook page, we've got three new ones for you: One to use with your friends, one for your enemies, and one that could help your relationship.


Face-Invaders. It's a two-dollar iPad app that's just like the old-school "Space Invaders" game for Atari. But instead of fighting off aliens, it uses the profile pictures of your Facebook friends, and you shoot them. This is a favorite with Big Jim & Stacy Lee.

Enemy Graph. It's a Facebook app that lets you be enemies with people instead of friends. This one is NOT good for Stacy Lee. You get to choose general enemies, and also an archenemy. Apparently Justin Bieber is a popular choice.

Pair. It's a free iPhone app that lets couples share photos and videos only with each other, so no one else can see them. It also lets you draw pictures together, and there's a "thumb Kiss" feature that makes both of your phones vibrate when you touch it at the same time.