I don't know a woman alive that doesn't love getting a beautiful piece of Lingerie for any occasion at all!

 I've always said a woman can never have too many matching bra and underwear sets! And yet, these items are usually last on our budget after kids, pets, household expenses etc. So, a gift of lingerie of any kind is always appreciated in my opinion. Now there are some helpful hints for buying these things for someone ELSE! Jada Michaels is a lingerie expert and says "There are three things you need to think about."

1. Don't go too sexy. Choose something she'll wear again, like satin pajamas or a satin robe. Otherwise it's ONLY a present for you.

2. Make sure you get the right size. Since you can't ask her, here’s how to figure it out yourself: If you live together, check the size of a dress she wears all the time. If you don't live together, check the size of her coat.

Dress and coat sizes range from zero to 28: Zero to two is an extra-small in lingerie. Two to four is a small. Six to eight is a medium. Ten to 12 is a large. Fourteen to 16 is an extra-large. Eighteen to 22 is a 1X or 2X. And 24 to 26 is a 3X or 4X.

3. Don't JUST GIVE HER LINGERIE. The store should give you a gift box. Wrap that in NICE wrapping paper...not the same cartoony stuff you use for kids.

And also think about buying a few more things to go with it, like massage oil, or bubble bath and candles. Just remember that giving lingerie should be romantic, not just sexual. Especially for the Holidays!