The ladies of TLC are officially back and ready to take on the music game once again with their new material. T-Boz and Chilli release their first set of visuals in over a decade for their newest record, "Way Back," and they bring along Snoop Dogg to accompany them. Watch the video below.

In the new colorful video, the women are seen posting up at a house in the suburbs, where they recruit a bunch of ladies to help them celebrate their comeback. While the song is a bit reflective of the best-selling U.S. music group, the visuals provide us with some 1990s vibes as TLC throw a nostalgic house party.

Eventually, Snoop makes his cameo in the visuals for his verse, where he raps in front of a technicolor backdrop that gives off some hippie and disco vibes from the 1970s. He also courts a beautiful lady for his part, winning her over with some of his intimate dance moves.

In a press release from the group, the song is said to represent "the sound of a band not only reflecting on their sometimes-turbulent roots but also facing forwards, towards a bright future."

After many delays, both T-Boz and Chilli are teaming up to release their first album in 15 years later this month, which will be the follow up to their 3D project that dropped in 2002.

Watch the brand new music video for TLC and Snoop's "Way Back" song below to see the group's visual comeback.

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