You are seeing the hashtag everywhere today as the nation celebrates National Comic Book day. I'm a huge fan of comic books and there are good reasons to be a fan of these flashy four-colored magazines even if you don't like comics.

I picked up my first comic book in 1978 and it was Superman #320. I was hooked after my first read and scampered to find more comic books to add to my collection. I have a massive collection and even though I now have expensive books, that Superman is still the most valuable to me and hangs proudly on my wall at home.


I was horrible reader as a kid but my discovery of these 'funny books' as my foster mom called them spured my reading skills and in the end also helped my verbal skills. They never discouraged the reading of these books. Comics are a good way to get a child who hates reading into reading.


Comic book covers grabbed me as a kid and seeing books like "The Death Of Batman" made want to read the stories over and over.


The more I got into comics, the more I wanted to emulate the writers and artists so I started writing and drawing my own comics. It's another reason comics are good for kids, they can drive their creativity.


My Grandmother was disappointed I never became a cartoonist but it's still fun to be able to doodle whenever you want make something special.

I still collect comics after all these years and I even have some special rare comic books like this Superman #4 from 1940. I like to rummage through boxes and boxes whenever I attend a comic book convention.


There are good reasons to like comic books and if your kid picks one up and enjoys it, encourage them to continue to read, not just comic books but anything that spurs their imagination.


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