Here Are The Top Yelp Reviewed Places To Take Your Dog In Tri-Cities Washington

Looking for a place to take your pooch for food and conversation? Here are the top 10 places according to Yelp where you can take your best friend for a bite to eat in the Tri-Cities.

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What Restaurants Allow Dogs In The Tri-Cities?

We love our fur babies and there are several pet-friendly restaurants that'll allow you to have your dog with you for lunch or dinner.

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I've got three dogs and it sometimes can be tough finding places that will allow dogs, don't worry, we don't take all three at once. There are several places to take "fido" that you both will love.

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Take A Look At The Top 10 Dog-Friendly Restaurants In Tri-Cities Washington

We've compiled from the top-rated dog-friendly restaurants in the Tri-Cities and remember that most of these places have patios in which your fur babies will get to stretch out and enjoy the day with you.

Take A Look At The Top 10 Dog-Friendly Restaurants In Tri-Cities Washington

Here are 10 Tri-Cities restaurants where your pooch can enjoy a meal with you.

There are our top 10 but there are plenty of other great places in the Tri-Cities that are dog-friendly. There is a great app called Bring Fido that'll sift through all the options that are available for you if you are taking your fur baby out and about. I also saw a great posting on Facebook in the Tri-Cities group that had a ton of other options as well.

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