Looking for a prom dress? Then you've come to the right place! Below are three local places and three websites that not only have a great selection, but also have something for everyone. The prices are wide ranged, as are the styles, colors, and brands. Happy Shopping!

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    The Purple Parasol

    The Purple Parasol is a local shop that specializes in formal wear. In addition to having a good selection of dresses to choose from, you can also have things added to the dress to personalize it and make it your own.
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    Macy's has a huge collection of dresses, both in store and online. And, if you find the dress online, you can have it shipped directly to the store! They have short dresses, long dresses, two piece dresses, basically anything you can think of.
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    JCP offers lots of different styles, all at a great price! You can pick out your dress in store or online, and they also offer plus sizes!
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    The Castle (online)

    If you can't find the right dress locally, it's time to start looking online! The Castle is a popular prom and bridal website that offers lots of top brands in the dress world. However, they may be a little more spendy than a local store, depending on the dress.
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    Dress Therapy (online)

    Dress Therapy is another great website that offers high end and top brand name dresses. And as you'll see on the front page of their website, they now have two piece dresses!
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    Ebay (online)

    Ebay is a great place to find cheap prom dresses! It might take a bit of searching around, but it's worth it if you want to save money.

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