Okay so my headline might be slightly exaggerated however I'm happy to report Juanito or little Juan the desert tortoise who hails in Kennewick was safely returned to his home yesterday after setting out looking for LOVE

According to a post by Kennewick Police and some subsequent comments from neighbors Juanito escaped probably out looking for a female to mate with...

Neighbor Eric Comben said in a Facebook comment:

Actual place where he was found is 16th and S Palouse Pl. My son discovered him crossing S Palouse Pl when he came home from work and I called for the assist as we did not know Juanito (Little Juan) had a name or an owner. Juanito appears to be a male Desert Tortoise, in the Spring they "go looking for love". We were amazed at how fast Juanito can move. He is a very handsome Desert Tortoise and looks like he is well cared for.


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