The Daily Show starring Trevor Noah recently took a funny poke at the Oregon/Idaho border movement debate.

credit: daily show/youtube
credit: daily show/youtube

The Daily Show visited La Pine Oregon to talk with the organizer of Move Oregon's Border founder Mike McCarter.

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McCarter is proposing taking the politically conservative counties of Oregon and merging them with the equally conservative counties of Idaho and creating a new state called Greater Idaho.


McCarter's petition has picked up momentum and McCarter is hoping he'll soon have enough signatures to get on the November general election ballot.

Trevor Noah of the Daily Show took the opportunity to poke a little fun at the movement and sent the Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng traveled to La Pine Oregon to set down with Mike McCarter.

If you watch the interview below, there are some tongue-in-cheek questions being asked but there are some deep-dive questions that'll make you think about what an Oregon/Idaho border shuffle really means for the region.

Chieng does a great job asking the tough questions and then travels to Idaho to ask Idahoans how they feel about it. It was surprising to see that the Idahoans weren't so thrilled with the prospects of the new acquisition once the price tag was discussed.

I'm going to be curious if the measure makes it to the ballot this November but even if it does, Oregon would have a lot of red tape to get through if the Eastern Oregonians accomplish their goal of joining Idaho.

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