I've known Chase (from Night Argent) and his Dad for a few years and I'm excited to see a brand new video from Chase's band Night Argent. They've gone through a few name changes such as Chase and The Reach, Goodnight Argent and finally settling on Night Argent a few years back.

They've released an album and several EP's and with each new release the music keeps getting stronger and stronger. I'm totally mystified why they haven't broken through yet.

I really enjoyed their song "Battle Grounds" a few years ago and even received some good radio airplay. They have won several songwriting awards and their videos are well produced.

Night Argent's new EP simply entitled "Night Argent" features a new single release and video release. The song is "WidowMaker" and I'm hoping this is the song that finally gets this hardworking Tri-Cities band the recognition that has been fleeting so far on their rise to the top.


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