This is a great idea, but I wonder how well it works! A Kennewick family has resorted to creating a homemade fake 25 mph speed limit sign to try and slow excessive speeders on their street.

Residents that live on 7th between Huntington Place and 395 report having regular speeders over 60 mph fly by on their road even though it is a 25 mph zone.

To combat the problem, they made a 25 mph sign to hopefully slow down some of the speeders.

The residents feel like they have no choice to try and protect their small children and animals that might be around the street in the front yards.

"I have a daughter and all of us have animals in the area. People don't take key to the 25 mph speed limit," says one resident according to reports.

People that live in the area are afraid a large incident from speeders is right around the corner in their future.

"it just keeps getting worse and worse. It's not if… it's when its going to happen. Either someone's going to get hit, or a dog gets hit and killed. It's going to happen," says another resident.

They want people to remember to drive how they would in their own neighborhoods if their kids or animals were outside playing.

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