Houston, you're cleared for groundbreaking, and Lionell's leading the train to new digs in Richland.

Tri-City Fever football legends Houston Lillard and Lionell Singleton are the driving forces behind a new housing project in Richland.

Former Indoor Pro-Footballers and current community leaders Lionell Singleton and Houston Lillard are developing VertiSee, a slew of new apartment buildings in 1100 block of Columbia Park Trail in Richland.

TC Fever
TC Fever

The new 12-unit, 24-apartment plan had its ground breaking ceremony last week and the housing is being erected by Elite Construction + Development, the financing is coming from Broadmark Realty Capital and World Builder LLC is the new development's owner.

From a press release, the VertiSee apartments plan to bring additional housing options to the always growing Richland area. The new spread is centrally located with access to river views and walking/biking trails. Lionell and Lillard, both founders of World Builder LLC, and longtime community members post their Fever careers, are stoked to bring a new opportunity to the Tri-Cities.

Singleton said, "This has been a big dream of ours for a long time now, the city of Richland and the Tri-Cities as a whole is a growing community and we are excited to bring an additional, beautiful housing option to the residents of this wonderful community."

VertiSee Press Release

Lillard added, "This is our first phase and we plan for more units and potential commercial space in the near future. There hasn't been new development on the river in quite some time and we are excited to start 2021 with some beautiful apartments on Columbia Park Trail."

According to Richland Senior Planner Shane O'Neill, the Lionell and Houston greater mixed-use development plan on the Columbia Park Trail site embodies the purpose of Richland's Waterfront zoning district. He said, "Their plan aims to take advantage of waterfront property by creating commercial and residential spaces with views of the Yakima River/Columbia River delta. Future residents of his multi-family units will have nearly direct access to river trails and parks offering excellent recreational opportunities right from their front door. Surrounded by new medical facilities, professional offices, apartments and public parks, developments like this stand to set an example of what is possible in this hidden gem of the Tri-Cities."

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O'Neill concluded, "Richland is pleased to see new development like the Lionell/Houston project in the Island View redevelopment area of the city."

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