The Tri-Cities area is known for the powerful winds. And, our current wind advisory has been extended through Saturday at 7 pm.

Windy Saturday

The National Weather Service in Pendleton warns the areas affected are:

In Washington, Eastern Columbia River Gorge of Washington, Kittitas Valley, Lower Columbia Basin of Washington, and Foothills of the Blue Mountains of Washington. In Oregon, Eastern Columbia River Gorge of Oregon, Lower Columbia Basin of Oregon, Foothills of the Northern Blue Mountains of Oregon and Foothills of the Southern Blue Mountains of Oregon

Strong Southwest winds are forecast at 25-35 mph with gusts of up to 40-50 mph at times. These winds may blow unsecured items. Tree limbs could be blown down, and power outages may occur.

We experienced gusty winds on Friday, and a WSP Trooper pulled a trucker over in Prosser almost losing a load of hay.

Imagine what could have happened if those hay bales had come loose. I arrived in 2014 from California, and I thought I had already seen enough wind with the much-touted Santa Ana winds. Tri-Cities has California beat, in my opinion.

Be prepared. Secure your garbage cans, and of course, make sure the trampoline in the back yard is tied down.

No doubt our many majestic flags will be beautiful sights!

credit: joshua-hoehne-7s1j-DZ5KYQ-unsplash
credit: joshua-hoehne-7s1j-DZ5KYQ-unsplash

If driving, exercise caution. It'll be difficult to stay in your lane.

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