There is nothing more painful than unrequited love but what about love from afar?

There are some folks looking for love on The Tri-Cities Craigslist and maybe you were part of the missed connections this week and didn't even know it.

Here is the best of the best this week in Missed Connections.

We start off with a missed connection near Bethel in Richland

I see you every week. I sit in front of the sound booth in the 3rd row theater seats. I some times ride my motorcycle. Like I did today. You can see my interest when our eyes meet.

And then we are off to love on Leslie and Gage.

You work by leslie and Gage, I haven't seen you in a long time I would go into your work on abother reason. Today I went in and saw you I wanted to tell you that you look nice but your coworker was there.
I really want to hook up with you for a sexual reason.
I doubt you will see this but if you do reply the initials of where you work.
I hope you feel the same. And this will be discreet.
Talk to you soon

I'm not sure if we have a Sugar Momma or not on this missed connection.

I know u see these and iv read ur post I think about u all the time hoping to hear from u why don't u just call my phone u pay for it I would call u but wouldn't even know where to start, I didn't know how much u did for me until u left , can u do me a favor and make a dentist appointment for me it hurts like the last time we where living out of town, I can't even eat. I don't care about anything else I don't have know, I just need to what u want to do about r things and would u ever come back so I could keep ur cloths or should have sell them or throw them away I have a place to with them but what's the point if I'll never be able to see you

Mc Donald's at Aaron and Wellsian is a perfect place for the perfect hook-up, the fries are fantastic.

You ordered just before me this evening. You were checking out the tattoos on my legs as I ordered. I think you complimented me on my tattoos but you never made eye contact with me. You were amazing looking...absolutely stunning. If you'd like to hang out or go on a date...lets do it. Describe my ink and we'll go from there.

Those are some of the best of the week missed connections in Tri-Cities, here's hoping you all find love this week.

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