How bad are drivers in the Tri-Cities?

You know that blind spot while you're driving? The one that always makes you feel bad when you can't see someone there? That driving predicament can happen to anyone but what about the blatant bad driving around the Tri-Cities? 

One morning coming to work, I saw a truck moving up fast, obviously speeding, in my rearview mirror and I was waiting for impact until I saw the red and blue lights of a Kennewick Police cruiser light up. I think it was the one time I knew I wasn't getting pulled over.

Bad drivers are everywhere and as the Tri-Cities grows, we are seeing more and more of them on the roads - scary thought, huh?

Dashcams are all the rage.

We found a compiled video showing some of the worst drivers right here in the Tri-Cities.

You'll see drivers blatantly blowing through red lights, you'll see people squeeze into the smallest spaces and you'll see one driver literally drive in the wrong lane on Edison.

A YouTube video filmed by user R. Unsir shows a time-lapsed video of several near misses and encounters on the roads all around the Columbia Basin.

R. Unsir travels the Wellsian Way Bypass Highway several times and has several close calls. You'll see near misses near the Columbia Center Mall and on George Washington Way in Richland.

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I know the roundabouts can cause a lot of headaches. They are proven to prevent accidents if you follow directions and are aware of your surroundings but they seem to be an area where the worst drivers in Tri-Cities congregate. You'll see several instances and near-misses in the video above.

I have to give it to R. Unsir. He missed accidents by inches and he didn't lose his cool.

As a driver when I see stuff like this, I'm hoping a police officer is nearby to write them up but alas most of the time they aren't. Is it too much to ask for instant karma?

If the video shows us anything, it's that there are some bad drivers in the Tri-Cities and it's always your own best interest to stay ever vigilant so one of these knuckleheads doesn't crash into you.

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