I am no good at wrapping gifts. I love Christmas. I detest wrapping gifts. This past weekend, I was super excited to see a trailer outside of Ranch & Home that said, "Gift Wrap." There's a group wrapping presents by donation!

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There was a man doing some tinkering outside the trailer. I asked if he was the top elf in charge of gift wrapping. He said, "No, my wife Karen is the boss. She's inside."

I saw that proceeds benefit local charities.

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So, I went inside and got the scoop on the Wrapping Rascals. Turns out, they've been doing great things for Tri-Cities for a few years, now.

As I was leaving the trailer, a young couple arrived with a bag of presents needing to be wrapped. Karen takes your number and calls when the packages are finished. The Rascals have their system down. They're very efficient.

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The Wrapping Rascals start their season on Black Friday working weekends up to the week of Christmas. Then it's crunch time. They're on site at Ranch & Home this week right up to the 24th.

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All donations this year will go to the Mid Columbia Meals on Wheels program.

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Every year it's a different charity benefitting from the Wrapping Rascal's efforts. Rose is a volunteer who's helped out for a few years. So far, there are a total of 6 working to wrap gifts.


Karen tells me they could use more volunteers to join the Wrapping Rascals. If you love gift wrapping, find out more on their Facebook page.

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