Pasco Police officers had quite an eventful Wednesday afternoon involving two stolen white cars, leading to the arrests of two men.

The first incident had a report of a stolen Honda Accord from a convenience store at 4th and Sylvester.  The car was reportedly taken while the owner was inside paying.  The theft was recorded on the store's security camera. BINGO!  Kennewick Police found the stolen Accord unattended, on 10th Avenue at 9 pm. Thursday morning, Police arrested Sean David Sylvester, as they were investigating an alleged burglary in progress.  Double Whammy for Sylvester and his mugshot looks like he's feeling it.

The second incident involves a VW Passat, stolen from the Maverik station in the 5500 block of Road 68.  Police found this vehicle unoccupied,  still running in a field near Douglas Fruit.  Police detained the suspect, Marcus Maupin.  They checked the station's security video, and arrested Maupin for vehicle theft.

Talk about a productive day!  Way to go Pasco PD!

Check out the Pasco Police Department Facebook page for the recap.  It's very informative as well as entertaining.

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