President Obama is sending more than 400 military experts to set up a new base in Iraq and help that nation's army fight ISIS.

After defeating the Iraqi military in the 2003 invasion, the U.S. and other nations have had to build the military back up, almost from scratch.

Even though the Iraqi government asked the U.S. forces to leave a few years ago, its soldiers have not been able to oppose fighters from the Islamic State (referred to as ISIS and ISIL).

To retake key cities and areas, the U.S. is sending people to train the Iraqi military. 

Some believe 450 is only the beginning. More new bases (requiring more U.S. soldiers) will be required.

The Islamic State believes the golden age of Islam was during the Dark Ages when people were stoned to death or had their hands cut off for breaking the law. They want a return to that lifestyle and if they fail, they believe their earnest efforts will be rewarded by God starting the apocalypse and cleansing the Earth of wicked people.

Because the fighters are motivated by belief, they have been better soldiers than the Iraqi military.